Revive, Reform, Reclaim

A Program For: Career-driven females seeking a life beyond the shadows of past relationship trauma

Shed the weight of insecurities and embrace the journey to a confident, balanced, and fulfilled life with the structured Eight Steps to Emotional Resilience. Discover absolute clarity, deepen self-understanding and ignite the power of informed decision-making that will fundamentally transform your future.

Emotional Resilience Masterclass

Immerse yourself in this profound masterclass designed to equip you with the tools to foster emotional resilience. Learn to bounce back faster from adversities and foster an unshakeable internal strength that powers your personal and professional life.

Clarity Compass


Embark on a journey towards crystal clear clarity with this comprehensive workshop. Uncover your true north, navigate negative emotions, and step towards a purpose-driven future, free from confusion and doubt.



Discover the power of informed decision-making in this immersive bootcamp. Unlock the ability to make choices that serve your emotional health and steer you towards healthier relationships and a fulfilled life.

About Me

Jude Holland has 25 years experience working as a therapist/Coach and has worked in education, nhs and the voluntary sector. Throughout this time she has supported women and families to rebuild their lives. As a teacher for 23 years she has honed her skills working with groups and training others as a Abuse workplace champions. Through her personal experience of abuse in a past relationship she now use her knowledge and skills to help others and has also written 2 books on abusive relationships. She also supervises coaches and therapists in this area of expertise.


Empower Your Inner Self

A haven for career-oriented ladies navigating life post disruptive partnerships

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